Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shape Clock For Preschoolers

Fun way to teach kids shapes as well as time at the same time with this recycled cardboard clock.Children can learn colors, 12 different shapes, numbers, counting  and of course time. Their little hands can easily move minute and hour hands(arrows) very smoothly  and the best part is that it stands at the back .I used different colors for shapes so that kids can learn different colors as well. kids above 5 yrs old can easily be taught time with this clock, they can easily move minute and hour hands and tell the time. I match the time of this table clock with my actual clock every hour on the  hour and ask my 3 year old kid to tell the time, he looks at the big clock and then to this cute clock and tells the time, often incorrect( we just started learning time from this clock) . Put  it on the table and let them play with the time, i added back stand to this cute little clock .
Let me show you how and what you need to make this clock.This is very simple and easy to make, won't take much time and the material needed to make this can be easily found in your  home or school.
Here is what u will  need
Cardboard, different color construction papers, glue, scissors, shapes chart( you can download this from any site and print it) metal brad/round head fasteners (one) , masking tape

If you are pizza lovers, don't throw empty pizza box, clean it because we are using it to make our clock. If you don't have empty pizza box, you can use any cardboard you have.
Take the cardboard (pizza box, cereal box or any other cardboard) and use a medium plate to trace and cut circle with scissor. Circle size depends on how big or small you want your clock to be.Now cut the brown construction paper in the  circle shape the size of the circle cardboard and glue it on the cardboard.Cut blue construction paper in circle smaller than brown circle and glue it in the center of the circle cardboard. Using green construction paper cut small circle, smaller than blue circle and glue it in the center over blue circle.
Now cut shapes from shapes chart  and glue each shape on the circle cardboard. Write clock numbers on  the shapes with the marker or crayons. Cut two arrow strips from cereal box,  big for minute hand and small for an hour hand and for the kids to recognize write "minute" and "hour" on the  small  blue construction paper and glue them on the arrows. Now poke a small hole in the center of the clock.With the  puncher, punch holes on the two arrows and insert metal brad through the arrows into the cardboard where we poked the hole.

 For the back support cut small strips of cardboard in a triangle shape and stick it to clock using masking tape as shown in the picture  below

And your clock is ready.This clock can be very useful in teaching children  about daily activities, routines  and discipline.Some other activities you can do with this clock is that ask the child to move the hands of the clock to the time he/she eats lunch say at 12 O'clock or at time he/ she goes at bed and ask the child to move the clock hands to say at 8 O'clock. 

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