Thursday, February 20, 2014

Preschool Circle time Calendar

Supplies needed

Brown tape
Masking Tape
White Paper
Weather Char
Bear Pic (downloaded from  lakeshore  learning )
Printouts of Days, Months, shapes etc.

Project Instructions
Cut out the opposite Long flaps of cardboard, I was about to cut all the four sides of cardboard but then I left the smaller two  in a way as my cardboard look like tri fold.

 Next I taped all the sides with brown tape, this way all the sides of the cardboard will stay stronger and it also gave board a neat look.

Cut all the labels,  titles, numbers etc.  

On one side of cardboard Glue the title “Today’s Weather” and under it  make a mark with pencil and poke a small hole as shown in pic, insert Weather calendar through it and secure it.

On the other side make small boxes for calendar and stick numbers. Remember to use masking tape on numbers, year, season so that you can change the dates, month, seasons easily,  masking tape comes out easily without damaging the surface.

Under the monthly calendar, I made small paper pockets and labeled each with  Dates, Months, Season and color&shapes .Now you can put rest of the dates, months etc in each designated pocket

On  the right  flap of cardboard I glued bear right under the label “what should Bear wear Today?” 
using masking tape I t attached some clothes for bear on top of it , Every day students will put on  weather appropriate clothes on him.

 Left flap is for the shape of the day or week, I still have some space left on top  and I am thinking to cover this space with the name cards that I made some days ago for the kids.

 I am so excited  to show it to kids.This is a very simple yet functional calendar and didn't cost me anything to make it. I used whatever was in my home to make this calendar.

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