Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Red Chard Stems tree craft

             Red Tree
If u buy Red Chard  don’t throw the stems. Cut the stems from chard and cook the leaves, Red Chard makes healthy and delicious recipe.

Supplies needed
Red chard stems
Paper towel roll/toilet paper roll
Cardboard box/Art Canvas
White glue

Project Instructions

Trim the ends of stems and glue one large stem on Canvas as shown in pic below.

I used cardboard box instead of canvas, I glued white paper on cardboard box. You can aslo make Canvas at home.

 Add the branches.

You can leave it like that, i think it looks pretty like that or you can add leaves.

Cut the toilet paper roll about ½ inch each. I used about 14 rings in this project. These rings will be our leaves. Now paint the leaves with different colors and let dry. Glue these leaves on the branches.

This is a good project for kids, Let them cut and color the leaves

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