Thursday, February 20, 2014

Preschool Circle time Calendar

Supplies needed

Brown tape
Masking Tape
White Paper
Weather Char
Bear Pic (downloaded from  lakeshore  learning )
Printouts of Days, Months, shapes etc.

Project Instructions
Cut out the opposite Long flaps of cardboard, I was about to cut all the four sides of cardboard but then I left the smaller two  in a way as my cardboard look like tri fold.

 Next I taped all the sides with brown tape, this way all the sides of the cardboard will stay stronger and it also gave board a neat look.

Cut all the labels,  titles, numbers etc.  

On one side of cardboard Glue the title “Today’s Weather” and under it  make a mark with pencil and poke a small hole as shown in pic, insert Weather calendar through it and secure it.

On the other side make small boxes for calendar and stick numbers. Remember to use masking tape on numbers, year, season so that you can change the dates, month, seasons easily,  masking tape comes out easily without damaging the surface.

Under the monthly calendar, I made small paper pockets and labeled each with  Dates, Months, Season and color&shapes .Now you can put rest of the dates, months etc in each designated pocket

On  the right  flap of cardboard I glued bear right under the label “what should Bear wear Today?” 
using masking tape I t attached some clothes for bear on top of it , Every day students will put on  weather appropriate clothes on him.

 Left flap is for the shape of the day or week, I still have some space left on top  and I am thinking to cover this space with the name cards that I made some days ago for the kids.

 I am so excited  to show it to kids.This is a very simple yet functional calendar and didn't cost me anything to make it. I used whatever was in my home to make this calendar.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Preschool Weather Chart

This was a group project with my preschool children, and it turned out to be very functional and is very simple and easy to make. Each morning they have to look through the window to check the weather then rotate the arrows on the weather chart to match the day’s weather, last part is everyone’s favorite!

Supplies needed

Cardboard cut in circle shape (You can also use empty pizza box)
Construction paper
Metal brad
cotton balls

Project Instructions

My empty pizza box came in handy for this project, cut the pizza box in circle shape. 
Cut blue construction paper in half circle since this circle is bigger than the size of construction paper so you have to cut two construction papers in semi-circle.
Glue these two semicircles on circle cardboard. Cut out the shapes of Rain drops, sun, snowflakes and cloud; and glue them on this chart. Glue cotton balls on the cloud shape to give it a more natural look. Cut two small arrow shapes for the needle. Poke a small hole in the center of the weather chart and attach the arrows to it by inserting metal brad through the arrows and weather chart.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Red Chard Stems tree craft

             Red Tree
If u buy Red Chard  don’t throw the stems. Cut the stems from chard and cook the leaves, Red Chard makes healthy and delicious recipe.

Supplies needed
Red chard stems
Paper towel roll/toilet paper roll
Cardboard box/Art Canvas
White glue

Project Instructions

Trim the ends of stems and glue one large stem on Canvas as shown in pic below.

I used cardboard box instead of canvas, I glued white paper on cardboard box. You can aslo make Canvas at home.

 Add the branches.

You can leave it like that, i think it looks pretty like that or you can add leaves.

Cut the toilet paper roll about ½ inch each. I used about 14 rings in this project. These rings will be our leaves. Now paint the leaves with different colors and let dry. Glue these leaves on the branches.

This is a good project for kids, Let them cut and color the leaves

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Black tree on white canvas

Red Chard Stems Name craft


My last post was about “how to make tree craft using red chard stems”,  I had few more stems left so I thought this project will be perfect for preschool teachers  looking for new ideas or anyone who is looking for some fun project with kids

Supplies needed

Red Chard Stems
White glue
construction paper /canvas/cardboard

Project Instructions

Trim the ends of stems. Cut the stems in small pieces.

With the marker write the name on construction paper .Glue stem pieces on the lines. 
You can decorate it with some more stem pieces.

It can be fun project for preschoolers also, let them cut the stems with child safe scissors, and ask them to glue stems on the lines on the construction paper.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Egg Carton Cute Baskets

Make these cute little baskets from egg cartons.These look like mini Doll baskets, very fun project and easy to make....

I made these cute baskets with egg cartons that I have been collecting for a while now to send in valentines for my child’s classmates.

Supplies needed
Egg cartons
Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue gun/ White Glue

Project Instructions
 Cut single cups from egg carton. I needed 20 egg carton cups for the students in my child’s class. Paint each cup with the choice of your colors, I used different colors. Now you can decorate them with sparkles etc. I made cute little dots on these baskets. Cut each pipe cleaner in four equal parts and once baskets are dry,  using hot glue gun, glue pipe cleaners to the baskets. You can also use white glue.

Now all I need to  do is to fill them with small cute gifts except candies J  .