Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bird Nest for Preschool Kids

Spring is almost here and our curriculum  theme was Birds, we talked about birds in the classroom, where they live, how they feed their babies and how they make their home "NEST", to make the topic more interesting i thought to make bird nest with the kids.This was a group project,  we all sat  in  circle and i  put all the items needed( twigs, dry grass, small branches, Mod podge, small to medium disposable bowl) to build  our nest in the center. Here is how we made our bird nest and Lil birdies in it.

Since it was raining from few days  so i couldn't get chance to collect dry branches from the park, then I  thought i would go out in our preschool backyard in the morning  with the  kids and collect things that we would use to build our nest but had to drop the  idea  because of rain, and  i went alone to collect some twigs, small branches and dry grass which was all wet , to my surprise i found all of these things in my preschool small yard. I put them in small bag and made  them dry with paper towel.

After circle time we started to work on our project,i added  some mod podge  in small disposable bowl  and asked children to put small twigs one by one in the bowl, i keep adding mod podge and they keep putting small twigs inside the bowl , then i gave it a Lil bit shape of nest by arranging twigs on the inner side of bowl and keeping center of bowl free from twigs.At the top i added grass and  it looked perfect nest but something was missing----- yes  Mama Bird and Baby Bird, so here is how we made our birdies

All we needed for birds was Pom Poms, Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue and scissor
Glue small yellow pom pom (this will be head of the bird) to big yellow pom pom. Glue googly eyes on the  head. Cut very small triangle out of construction paper and fold it in half length wise giving it a shape of beak, glue this beak on the bird, now cut two small pieces of pipe cleaners, matching color, and twist one side of the pipe cleaner inwards making it look like kind of a bird feet, glue the other end of  the  pipe cleaner to the bird, and there you have your Mama bird, repeat the same steps for the  baby bird, we chose our baby bird white in color, be careful to chose small pom poms for baby bird than mama bird. Of course children wanted to add  more babies but i stopped at only one.  Now put the birds in the nest. They look so cute. I have never seen kids so excited like this, Every one was like "i like birds, i like birds"     :)

Bird legs are completely optional, you can skip that part, so is adding mod podge.

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