Friday, February 7, 2014

Egg Carton Cute Baskets

Make these cute little baskets from egg cartons.These look like mini Doll baskets, very fun project and easy to make....

I made these cute baskets with egg cartons that I have been collecting for a while now to send in valentines for my child’s classmates.

Supplies needed
Egg cartons
Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue gun/ White Glue

Project Instructions
 Cut single cups from egg carton. I needed 20 egg carton cups for the students in my child’s class. Paint each cup with the choice of your colors, I used different colors. Now you can decorate them with sparkles etc. I made cute little dots on these baskets. Cut each pipe cleaner in four equal parts and once baskets are dry,  using hot glue gun, glue pipe cleaners to the baskets. You can also use white glue.

Now all I need to  do is to fill them with small cute gifts except candies J  .

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